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TVB Nancy Wu Becomes the New Face for Nutox

Nancy Wu is arguably one of the most outstanding actresses who have proven her incredible versatility over the years with her diversified roles on screen. Being recognised as the “Most Improved Actress” in 2008 during the 41st TVB Anniversary Award, Nancy is known for her refreshing and affable personality which makes her a remarkable actress. She had also won critical acclaim for her role as the “Best Supporting Actress” in Gloves Come Off during the TVB Anniversary Awards as well as the Asian Television Awards in 2012.  Just like the essence of Nutox, Nancy is the perfect spokesperson as she exudes the brand’s philosophy in celebrating the youthful spirit, both in mind and body.

Senior Marketing Manager of Tohtonku Sdn Bhd, Ms. Vicky Lim said: “We are pleased to announce the partnership with Nancy. She represents the attributes of the brand with her jovial personality in celebrating the spirit of youth. Age is just a number, the Nutox woman is someone who is confident and feels her best at whatever age she might be.”

Nancy added that she felt honoured to be the ambassador of the brand. “Being an actress, my daily skin regime is very important to me to keep my skin looking radiant.  The ingredients and texture of the products are the fundamental aspects I will look into when choosing skincare.” she said.

Nancy also underlined her favourite product from the range - the Nutox serum which has a light texture and penetrates quickly into the skin resulting in youthful appearance.


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