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Tohtonku Corporate News

Tohtonku Sdn Bhd started as a small trading company called Tohtonku Trading Company in 1964 in Penang. It is the brainchild idea of Lim Joi Him who saw a huge demand, wanted to capture the opportunities in the consumer goods market in the 60s. The company initial sales operation was door-to-door personalised sales concept, which are manned by groups of sales promoters selling Tohtonku products.     

The personalised sales execution was a huge success and Tohtonku’s business grew with a phenomenal double digit and within that short span, the company has caught the interest of foreign investors who are keen to find local partners to distribute their brands in Malaysia. In 1970, a business venture was affirmed between Tohtonku and  Earth Chemical Co Ltd, Japan and appointed Tohtonku as their sole distributor in Singapore and Malaysia. Tohtonku’s role is to import and distribute King Kong Rat Killer products. This strategic partnership has set a new milestone in Tohtonku’s business growth and also made Mr Lim well-known among the locals Penangites as ‘King Kong Lim’ at that time. 

In 1978, Tohtonku Trading Company has changed its name to Tohtonku Sdn Bhd. This name changed has further strengthen Tohtonku business expansion and growth strategies. At the same time, Mr Lim has decided to step down and gave the leadership and company responsibilities to his eldest son, Lim Hooi Teik and the rest of his sons Lim Hooi Beng, Hooi Chang and Hooi Hai to manage Tohtonku. 

With a new generation of management and vision, another milestone was set for Tohtonku. In 1978, Kobayashi Pharm Co Ltd, Japan appointed Tohtonku to distribute Car Sawaday and other essential household products in Malaysia. With this new partnership, Tohtonku has diversified its range of products and expanded its distribution channels throughout Malaysia.    

As the business volumes grew and also a part of its business strategy, Tohtonku has decided to build a manufacturing plant in Penang to cater to the large volume of demand by the consumers and the retailers. The plant produces and packs all Tohtonku finished products as it is economical and also in line to promote Malaysian made products. 

The establishment of the plant has also set Tohtonku to produce its own brand called Follow Me in 1984 and it became the first local brand that manufacture and sell hair care range in Malaysia. The connotation of the brand name Follow Me is about quality at affordable prices, invoking enthusiasm and create consumers’ loyalty.

Opportunities in the 80s set Tohtonku onto a personal skincare regimen and the business also began to flourish beyond its original trading nature. Tohtonku has set up a based office in Kuala Lumpur to accommodate the marketing and sales team and this new setup enables Tohtonku to explore new opportunities and increase its market share in Malaysia especially in the skincare category. In 2003, Mr Lim has appointed his son, Jasper Lim to lead and head this strategic team. Tohtonku has also invested plenty in R&D (research and development) of new ingredients for its products.

The following year, in 2004, Tohtonku expanded their business opportunities to East Malaysia. As of today, Tohtonku’s products reach is all over South East Asia, including Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Brunei and other parts of Asia such as Pakistan and Sri Lanka, and also under different labels to suit the respective cultures and requirements in India and West Asia.

Today, Tohtonku has more than nine hundred (900) capable employees and with nineteen (19) consumer brands of which are Nutox, Nanowhite, Ubermen, A’laisyah, Follow Me, Can Can, Everyday, Koolfever, Ammeltz, Sawaday, Saniplast, Seirogan, Breathpop, ARS, You&Me, Rainna and King Kong under its organisation.

With many milestones and successes Tohtonku has achieved in the past five (5) decades, Tohtonku continues to strengthen its brands and products, expand distribution channels and diversify its business strategies across Malaysia and Asia. The company remains relevant with introducing latest product innovation and technologies and to continue to stay connected with every man and woman demands for qualitative consumer products.

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