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Nanowhite Infinity

The Nanowhite Infinity Serum boasts the ability to provide prolonged skin fairness at a shorter time. The serum also helps to even out skin tone to avoid undesirable dark and light patches. Nanowhite Infinity Serum is made from extremely potent natural extracts of vegetables and fruits. Core among these ingredients are Vegetamin ACE and Fruitonics. Revowhite is the component responsible for Nanowhite Infinity Serum’s unparalled whitening effect.

Revowhite, a whitening active ingredient, shows better performance compared to other regular whitening ingredients in suppressing melanin synthesis thus reducing blotchiness, dark spots and overall pigmentation for a healthy glow. Due to the nano particle size, Revowhite not only easilyy penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, it can also sustain the release of whitening actives for a longer-lasting effect. Through the synergy of all these ingredients, with precise dosage, technology and formulation, the benefits can then be maximized.

In addition to whitening, the Nanowhite Infinity Serum also protects against the sun’s oxidizing and ageing effects.