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Follow Me Charity Family Day -MyKasih Foundation

Well, as you already know, Follow Me which is one of  Tohtonku’s pioneering brands will be celebrating 30 years in Malaysia this year. We are proud to be the largest home grown brand in Malaysia and to have been a part of the country’s growth. Therefore, our 30 years celebration is a tribute to all the Malaysian people who have supported us over these 3 decades.

This will be reflected in the theme for the celebrations – “30 years of quality”, which symbolises Follow Me’s past and future commitment to Malaysians. Follow Me has been providing quality, trusted and affordable personal care products catering to the younger generation of babies, kids and teenagers right up to adult men and women, and we pledge to continue for many more decades to come.

The theme “30 years of quality” will also be creatively depicted by consumers in a “most memorable moments with Follow Me” contest demonstrated through personal photos or videos.

Starting from today, and throughout the year, we will be inviting our consumers to share their most memorable moments with the Follow Me brand, through various communication channels and social media sites.

With this, let us share with you a bit about the history of Follow Me in Malaysia.

Follow Me brand started out in Penang in 1983 under Tohtonku Sdn Bhd which was established in 1964.

The brand name Follow Me was chosen to best invite consumers to trust us in providing the best personal care products to take good care of their face, hair and body. Simply put, it’s a beckoning gesture like, “Follow Me if you will.” Follow Me began with a dream to make every man and woman look good and feel confident about themselves. Hence, our products are ever innovative and constantly progressing to meet our consumer needs.

Since then, we have grown in tandem with the country’s progress. Today, we have over 200 types of personal care products with some halal-certified products sold locally and also exported to many countries across Southeast Asia.

More significantly, is how we have provided quality, trusted and affordable personal care products for all Malaysians. This is very much in line with Tohtonku’s corporate philosophy, which is centered on the concept of Creating Value, not only for the Company, but also for society. 2013 will be a significant milestone for Follow Me.

We will be celebrating this special year with a year round campaign,  beginning today with the “Follow Me Charity Family Day”. As an established Malaysian home-grown brand, we feel led to thank all Malaysians for the immense support over the past 30 years by giving back to society.

With this, we have chosen to work with the MyKasih Foundation to fulfil our anniversary pledge of giving back to society. Follow Me is thrilled to have this opportunity to work with MyKasih, which I believe is supporting over 80,000 poor and needy families now. In this collaboration, we will be donating personal care products to 300 poor and needy families under the MyKasih Foundation. It is my sincere hope that our efforts will bring joy and ease to the families we are supporting, and as Director of Tohtonku, I look forward to making charity a regular affair so that we may touch the lives of those in need around us.

Here, I would like to mention that, the celebrations in 2013 will be less about our achievements but more about thanking all Malaysians for their loyalty and support throughout the decades. We would like to extend our gratitude on behalf of Follow Me and Tohtonku to all who have made our journey in the past 30 years a memorable and successful one.

In closing, we would like to invite all Malaysians to be a part of our 30 years celebration in 2013.