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Follow Me

The Follow Me brand started out in Penang in 1983 under the purview of Tohtonku Sdn Bhd. Tohtonku itself was established in 1964. From its humble beginnings, Follow Me fast became a family household brand synonymous with an all-encompassing range of personal care products. The products carried by Follow Me ranged from haircare to skincare and bodycare catered for everyone in the family including babies, toddlers, teenagers to adults.These were not only of high quality but were affordable as well. 

Since its inception, Follow Me has stuck to the principles of affordability, functionality and preservation of quality. Without the need for excessive advertisement and promotion, the Follow Me brand has managed to stay relevant till today. 

Follow Me is proud to be the largest home grown brand in Malaysia and to have been witness to our country’s growth. Our products will surely fulfill each of your daily personal care needs.