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Ubermen EDT

A man’s personality is his own. Express yourself and reveal your inner attitude with the Ubermen Eau de Toilette range that comes in 5 unique variants

  • Attitude -Inspired by the brand's ambassador Aaron Aziz, Attitude features a basic citrusy top accord that finishes off with a warm amber and wood base.
  • Attrax - a refreshing citrus ozonic top with hints of floral fougere supported with warm woody, amber and musky undertone.
  • Indulge - a fresh citrus fougere on a musky and amber base
  • Pozess -a citrus ozonic top with a tinge of floral fruity on a soft musky, vanilla and woody base.
  • Pozess Xtreme -Pozess Xtreme offers a sensual scent with a mature vanilla musk and labdanum.

Available in 50ml & 100ml